Welcome to Bournemouth Children's Centres

Providing a warm welcome and a wealth of services and support for local families with children under five years old.

Virtual children's centres

Our virtual children's centres have landed!

You will find a range of videos and activities to support your pre-school child with their learning and development.

The virtual offer can be accessed via our Facebook page each so please do join us!

What is a children's centre?

Children's centres are for all families with children under five years old. They provide a range of services, depending on local need and parental choice. The services offered will not be the same everywhere, because needs and communities vary greatly.

By working together with a variety of organisations, children's centres provide: 

  • Information, advice and support to parents and carers
  • Access to quality early years education and childcare
  • Health services
  • Family support
  • Employment advice
  • Family learning opportunities
  • Parent forums 

We look forward to welcoming you.

Speech, language and communication support

If your child attends an early years setting and you have concerns about their child's speech, language or communication development ask if you can speak to their Communication Champion.

Most early years providers are part of our Come Talk with Me strategy and have Communication Champions, and many have specialist speech and language ELKLAN qualified staff too.

Your local children's centre also run ‘Come Talk with Me’ groups to support children with a language delay and can offer advice and support. 

Where are Bournemouth's Children's Centres?

Select your local children's centre to find out more.



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