Supporting you and your child

What is family support?

Family support teams offer free and friendly support to all families in their area who have babies and children from birth to five years of age and women receiving antenatel care.

What can you help me with?

The teams are able to offer support with:

  • concerns over child development
  • managing behaviour
  • sleep routines/eating
  • relationship issues
  • housing
  • benefits
  • advocacy - being a listening ear
  • transition to nursery and reception classes
  • domestic violence
  • alcohol/drug concerns

Staff are trained and experienced in understanding concerns that parent/carers with young children may experience. They aim to be non-judgemental, flexible and responsive to individual family's needs and will treat information as confidential (within child safeguarding guidelines)

How can I get family support?

  • You can call into your local children's centre and ask to speak to a worker
  • You can ask for a referal form and hand it into the centre who will pass this onto the family support team
  • You can tick the family support box on your children's centre registration form
  • You can ask your health visitor, midwife or other agencies to refer/introduce you

What happens next?

Staff can come to your home or meet you at your local children's centre - whichever is most convenient to you and your family.

Regular contact can be set up to offer continued support and advice which can include contacting other agencies on your behalf.

Further Information