Supporting you and your child

Family Support Service

The aim of family support is to give all children the best possible start in life, enabling them to reach their full potential and lead happy and healthy lives.

What is family support?

Children’s Centre Family Support Workers offer help and support to families with under fives.

They offer a wide range of support and advice tailored to each family depending on their individual needs.

Family Support Workers are trained and experienced practitioners who have a background working with children and families.

Family Support Workers are based within Bournemouth’s Children’s Centres and part of the Family Support Hub.

They can also offer more focused support to families within their own home.

Working together

Your family support worker will arrange to meet you and your family to discuss any worries or concerns. This can be either at a children’s centre or your home.

Together, you and your family support worker will complete an assessment of your family’s needs. This is done by looking at the whole family.

Your family support worker will give you information about your local children’s centre and activities available that would support you and your family. They will support you to access these.

Your family support worker can provide information, advice, guidance and resources on a range of topics such as child behaviour, child development and sleep routines. They can also signpost to other relevant services, such as housing and benefits, that can support your family.

Your family support worker will offer short-term support through agreeing achievable positive goals for you and your children.

Jointly, you and your family support worker will plan where and how often to meet depending on the support you and your family need.

Together, you and your family support worker will regularly review your family’s goals and progress.

After six meetings, we will review your family goals and decide together what will happen next.

What next?

If you feel that family support could benefit you and your family, speak to your local children’s centre, health visitor, midwife or childcare setting.

Further Information